We believe that sustainability and quality go hand in hand.

That’s why we’re committed to producing the highest quality watches using circular design and renewable initiatives. It’s a concept that has continued to evolve in the jewelry and watch industry over the past 15 years. Together, we can join forces in becoming a true force for change.

A sustainable supply chain, from start to finish

Great design isn’t just about aesthetics: it’s about making products in a responsible way, respecting people and the planet.

We value transparency, giving you honest and clear answers when you ask how our products are made. We’re dedicated to creating beautiful watches in a fair way, so we can improve our world today and build a better future for all. Every item within our collection has been designed and produced at our Swiss atelier, adhering to strict industry standards.

Grunhorn is an RJC certified member: a recognition for our commitments to responsible business. It’s a mark of confidence from our industry partners, honoring the way that we work. We also hold the RJC Chain of Custody certification to provide reassurance about how our products and materials have been sourced, traced and processed all throughout the supply chain.

What’s more, we also produce our collections in line with the ISEAL Assurance Code: a global membership organization for credible sustainability standards. It builds on a set of desired outcomes for effective assurance, and describes how they can be achieved in practice. By connecting assurance and impact, we can improve the rigor, effectiveness and value that we offer to our customers. Grünhorn is an ISEAL Full Member for upholding sustainable standards and practices in the jewelry and watch industry.

Designed to stand the test of time

Core to our sustainability journey is the concept of durability. By creating long-lasting products that don’t need to be replaced often or changed each season, we can maximize our resources and eliminate waste over the long term.

Once you have enjoyed using our Grunhorn product, we are also proud to offer a full recycling service. Rather than disposing of your unwanted items, our dedicated team will strip and recycle all of the parts and components at our Swiss atelier. This means that they can be reconditioned and transformed into new elements for a brand new watch or accessory in future.