Giving Back Program

Here at Grünhorn, we believe that the best design is good for you and good for the planet, too. We have a number of initiatives to transform our values into tangible actions that are set to change the timepiece industry.

Many of our watches feature leather bands, produced from the finest cow hides. While this offers a durable and long-lasting design option, raising cattle to create this material releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As part of our design process, we’ve decided to offset these emissions to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s why for every watch sold, we’re committed to planting a tree in its place. It’s a simple action that’s set to re-establish nature’s balance.

What’s more, our products have been designed with circular fashion in mind. This means that all of our products can be fully recycled once you have finished enjoying them. We’re the only timepiece brand that has a team dedicated to this: from reconditioning components to shredding and reforming quality leather straps. It’s our way of minimizing waste and maximizing the natural resources available to us, with carefully considered products that truly evolve over time.