About Grünhorn

Our Story

It all began with our founder’s passion for timepieces and a connection with nature. Originally from Cameroon, he believes that time is the most precious resource that we have available. It’s something that’s non-renewable, yet is available to all. For him, wearing a watch is a tangible reminder to seize the opportunities of the day and savor the moments that we pass through.

What’s more, watches are often used as family heirlooms, connecting different people through the journey of time. They are a symbol of legacy, endurance and strength. They tell a story with every person they come into contact with.

The Grünhorn brand takes its name from Mount Grünhorn in Switzerland. Each watch in our collection has been engraved with an etching of the mountain, noting 1865 as the year that the first person ever climbed its lofty heights to find a new perspective.

In the same way, we aim to put our own stamp on the accessories that we produce. We’re dedicated to creating durable, sustainable and beautiful products for people who value quality.

Our mission

Our mission is two-fold, centering our business on design that’s good for you and good for the planet. We are passionate about creating luxury products that help you to look and feel your best, with a focus on quality and prestige. We aspire to instill confidence and an air of sophistication into our clients’ lives, as this is the essence of style itself.

We believe in quality that goes beyond what the eyes can see. Products that are built to last through the centuries as they pass through the generations. In fact, a selection of our watches are set to last for over 100 years.

Made in Switzerland

All of our products are designed and produced at our atelier in Solothurn, Switzerland. It’s a quaint little town steeped in timepiece heritage - and a fascination with the number 11. The centre itself is centred around an Italian-designed cathedral woven together with a multitude of numerological symbols and signs. In fact, the astronomical clock tower only displays numbers 1 - 11, revealing moving golden stars, orbs and ornate moving figures when the magical hour arrives.

The town is famous for its expert artisans who champion artisanal design and intricate craftsmanship. Each item and intricate mechanism within our collection has been lovingly handcrafted by them, adhering to strict industry standards that allow us to proudly bear the ‘Swiss Made’ stamp. So, when you purchase a Grünhorn watch, you’re buying a piece of history that can be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

Sustainability at the centre

We’re committed to circular design and environmentally-friendly, sustainable growth (backed by our ESG initiatives). Our design process is under constant review as we aim to build and improve on our strong foundations. Quality is of utmost importance to us, throughout every stage of design and manufacture. It’s just another reason why we’ve chosen to use certified and responsibly sourced components across all of our watches, ensuring you’re always getting the best possible product.

Giving back

For every Grünhorn watch sold, we plant a tree and donate 1% of our profits to sustainable initiatives. What’s more, once customers have finished using their products, our dedicated team is on hand to recycle the components and straps to minimize waste and maximize the natural resources available to us.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Let’s come together to build a brighter and more stylish future for all.